Colour Inspiration Tuesday: She’ll be Apples

She'll be Apples color scheme from Clever Chameleon

Welcome back to Colour Inspiration Tuesday! Today we are exploring a new FMQ mini tutorial “She’ll be Apples”.

Last week I was suddenly inspired to quilt my next charity quilt. I’ve had the pinned quilt in my possession since before Christmas, but I always knew it wasn’t going to get touched until January. Partly because December is a ridiculously busy time of year, and partly because it wasn’t “speaking to me”. In fact, it was confusing me slightly…. apples and roses on one side, autumn leaves, nuts and berries on the other. I quite like both sides, but struggled to choose one quilting theme to make sense of this quilt.

charity quilt before quilting
Here is the charity quilt before quilting….. I nominated it as my January One Monthly Goal.

After musing over this quilt for some time, on and off, and  getting it out several times and putting it away again, inspiration finally struck. I was in a right-brain kind of mood and scrolling through photos on Unsplash over a coffee when I spotted the picture of apples I have used on today’s mood board. And it all somehow just fell into place. I *just knew* I had to quilt apples, but not just any apples. Apples with a little bit of cheeky thrown in!

The “She’ll be Apples” FMQ Motif

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started doodling. First I started with a continuous line apple motif.

Apple FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon

Then I thought, what if the apple has a bite taken out of it? Well, that’s easy.

Apple FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon

And it’s no more trouble to take several bites, is it?

Apple FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon

But what if the apple has a worm in it? A friendly worm, of course!

Apple and worm FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon

And of course, I couldn’t resist…… The worm and the bite combination! This one’s for my daughter, who is at that age where one of her favourite jokes is “What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?” “Half a worm…..” Hahahaha Snort. Oh the joys of childhood! Anyway, I was mostly well behaved….. I only put this combo on the quilt once. And I did overrule my daughter’s request for the apple and half a worm motif…..

Apple FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon

She’ll be Apples Quilting in Real Life

Here are some pics of the quilting up close, and of the little charity quilt all done. Sorry, the quilting does not show well – which is exactly how I wanted the quilt to be, but it is excruciating to try to photograph.

Apple FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon
Apple FMQ motif
Apple with a bite FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon
The apple with a bite FMQ motif
Apple core motif from Clever Chameleon
Apple core motif
The apple with a friendly worm motif from Clever Chameleon
The apple with a friendly worm motif
Apple, worm and bite FMQ motif from Clever Chameleon
And the one instance of an apple with both a worm and a bite

It didn’t take very long to quilt this little lap quilt. Once I had got the hang of the basic apple shape, I found  quilting these to be quite quick and easy. In fact, I had the whole thing finished before I realised that there is another apple variation that I could have added. The half apple. No matter, I will save this idea for another day.

Half apple FMQ quilting motif from Clever Chameleon

If you would like to give the apple motifs a go, I have made you a printable reference page, which you can download here: She’ll be Apples pdf

And here is the finished quilt. The quilting has made it crinkly and cuddly. 🙂

She'll be Apples quilt finished

So, that’s my January One Monthly Goal done and dusted! I promised you I’d had a lot of fun with it!

I hope you have enjoyed this little project and might put some apples on a quilt soon. My daughter is currently requesting apples on the Regatta Quilt I am making for her. Yes, complete with a half-worm apple. It’s not what I had in mind at all……. the big question is…. “How old will she be before such a thing becomes “cringe-worthy”?” The Regatta Quilt is supposed to take her forward into her teens.  Then again, maybe I should just do it. Kids are not young for very long. are they? And there’ll be plenty more quilts. Thankfully there is still some thinking time on this until I get to the quilting stage of the Regatta Quilt. I’ll see what she thinks when I actually get that far.

P.S. Photo Credits

The photo which sparked the apple motifs was supplied for free by Marina Khrapova via Unsplash. You can find this photo, as well as many others I have used for Colour Inspiration Tuesdays here. They are all available for free for you to use in your own projects however you wish. 

Marina Khrapova

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Craft Room De-Stash Challenge – Valentine’s Heart

Valentine's Heart scrappy quilt block

From the Sewing Room – Valentine’s Heart Quilt Block and a De-Stash Challenge

Do you want ideas and motivation to use up some stash and/or scraps from your craft room? You are not alone! Come join us in the Craft Room De-Stash Challenge – a group of bloggers committed to turning some of the craft supply lovelies we have hoarded into finished items. Of course, my projects are likely to all be fabric related, but this is a diverse group of crafters. So there will be lots of ideas in this hop to deal with whatever crafty skeletons you have hiding in your  closet!

De-stash logo

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C’mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! #CraftRoomDestashChallenge

Really Dione, another project?!

Well, yes….. and no…… 

At the beginning of the year I stated that one of my goals was to reclaim my sewing space. And I have come to realise that part of that goal is going to have to be using up or moving on some of  my stash. Like lots of quilters, I have a significant fabric stash, and a similarly rampant collection of scraps. So, joining in with this monthly hop (when I can) is actually one of the tools I am using to make this happen.

I suppose there are faster ways to reduce my stash…… But I bought and collected my resources because I like them. So I’d really rather take things to their intended conclusion and use them. What better way than to make some projects with the mentality of ONLY using stash?

Valentine’s Heart Quilt Block

For my first De-Stash Challenge project, I have decided to make a scrappy-heart quilt block. With Saint Valentine’s Day still a month away, you have time to make this block and turn it into a small Valentine’s Day project…. a pillow perhaps, or a lap quilt. This block with a border added would be a good size for a throw pillow. Or a dozen of these with a little sashing would make a nice lap quilt for someone you hold dear. I intend to eventually make a quilt with at least 12 of these, and probably some scrappy pieced blocks in between, so that the project uses a noticeable amount of stash! Probably not by Valentine’s Day 2018 though…..

Perhaps you’ve got red scraps left over from your red bear or other January Colour Challenge project? Now’s your chance to deal with them.

What you will need to make a Valentine’s Heart block:

  • a variety of small red fabric scraps
  • fabric for the background, 11 inches square or greater (depending on your intended use of this block)
  • fusible adhesive, 10″ square
  • sewing machine and general sewing supplies such as scissors and thread
  • printed heart-shape template (you can download mine here) Pleas make sure your printer isn’t scaling the printout before you print.
butterfly batik fabric
Here’s the fabric I am using for my block background. I have just enough in my stash for 12 pieces of 11 inches square.

How to create your Scrappy Valentine’s Heart Block

red fabric scraps

Step 1

Iron your red fabric scraps. Choose two scraps with straight edges (or trim to straight edges) and sew them together with a 1/4″ seam. Press.

Trim the joined pieces so that you have at least one new straight edge. It doesn’t matter which edge. The less you think about the crazy improv piecing the better!

Step 2

Choose a third scrap of red fabric and sew to the trimmed edge of the previously joined fabrics.

red crazy patchwork
Three red scraps pieced together

Again, press and trim off excess to create a new straight edge. Continue this crazy patchwork piecing until you have a piece large enough to cover the appliquĂ© template. 

red crazy patchwork
The red crazy patchwork is growing
red crazy patchwork
The red crazy patchwork is still growing
enough red crazy patchwork
Enough red crazy patchwork cover the Valentine’s Heart template.

Note: you can build the crazy patchwork in several smaller pieces and join these together to get the final larger piece if you wish.

Step 3

Trace the heart shape onto the paper side of the fusible adhesive. Cut out with a little to spare around the outside of the shape.

To keep your appliqué from being stiff, remove most of the fusible adhesive from the centre of the heart shape. Leave about 1 inch around the outside edge of the heart.

Step 4

Fuse the heart-shape adhesive ring to the back of your crazy patchwork as per manufacturer’s instructions. Trim your heart to the outline.

Heart appliqué
Heart appliqué with fusible adhesive around the edge of the shape but not in the middle to keep the project soft.

Remove the paper backing and fuse your Valentine’s Heart to the centre of your backing fabric square. The minimum size for the backing square is 11 inches square, but you are welcome to make your blocks larger with more negative space around the heart.

Fused Valentine's Heart
Scrappy Valentine’s Heart fused to background fabric

Step 5

Use your favourite appliqué stitch to secure the heart to the backing.

Finished Valentine's Heart block
Finished Valentine’s Heart Block

One scrappy Valentine’s Heart block done. 

I have enough of the butterflies batik background fabric in my stash for 12 heart blocks. I may vary the appliquĂ© heart pattern between some of my blocks. Then, as I mentioned above, the rest of the quilt top will be scrappy squares. 

The backing will also come from stash, and I also intend to use my growing pile of batting offcuts. It will be a bit of a Franken-quilt, but it should be sweet, and very usable, and require no new purchases (with the possible exception of binding, which I can probably obtain within the $10 limit).

You are invited…. Join us in De-Stashing your Craft Room.

If you’d like to join in the Craft Room De-Stash Challenge, you can request to join our Facebook group here!

And have a look at what everyone else has made! Perhaps there is the perfect project here for you to use up some stash…..

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