September 2017 Roundup

September 2017 Roundup at Clever Chameleon QuiltingSeptember 2017 Roundup at Clever Chameleon

How did September go for you? I hope you had a good month and managed to fit in some quilting, sewing or other favourite creative pursuit.

At the beginning of this month I signed up for the first time to Elm Street Quilters One Monthly Goal. The idea is that if I have a deadline, things happen. And this month, having a deadline has definitely helped. Because with everything else that has been going on there is no way I would have otherwise touched my nominated UFO this month.

So, for my September 2017 OMG, I set myself the tasks of finishing this patchwork quilt top for my daughter, then getting it basted and stabilised.

Jewel Tone Diamonds quilt in progress
Jewel Tone Diamonds quilt at the beginning of September. Follow the link for a tutorial on sewing the Y-seams on this quilt.

I did mention that I would like to get it quilted, but thankfully I didn’t set that as a goal, because it would have had to be chalked up as a miss. I am not rushing this one. And I definitely ran out of time!

Jewel Tone Diamonds finished quilt top
Jewel Tone Diamonds flimsy before layering, basting and quilting

Even with all those bias edges and Y-seams, the quilt top is pretty square! It will block up nicely. I am very pleased. It must be all the starch I used.

Jewel Tone Diamonds, basted

elephant batik

And here is a small portion of the back after I basted and stabilised with stitch in the ditch quilting along the zigzag rows. How adorable is the fabric my daughter chose for the backing? Elephant batik! Cute!

Jewel Tone Diamonds is a large single (twin) bed size quilt. Hopefully it will last my dear daughter well into her teens once the detailed quilting and the binding are done.

I am linking this post up with the OMG September Finish Link-up. This coming month is going to be too insane to add extra unnecessary deadlines, so sadly I will be sitting out the October One Monthly Goal.

What else has happened at Clever Chameleon in September?

  • We had 3 new Colour Inspiration Tuesdays. On Hoppy Tuesday, we had three colour boards and chatted about frog appliqué quilts. For Strawberry Vines we delved into some free-motion quilting inspiration, and for Hot Chocolate we geared up to join a black, white and colour quilt along (that you also still have time to join – don’t forget to check it out)
Hoppy Tuesday color scheme from Clever Chameleon
Hoppy Tuesday
Hoppy Tuesday color scheme from Clever Chameleon
Hoppy Tuesday
Strawberry Vines colour scheme from Clever Chameleon
Strawberry Vines
Hot Chocolate colour scheme from Clever Chameleon
Hot Chocolate





Hoppy Tuesday color scheme from Clever Chameleon
Hoppy Tuesday







We also had a look back at the next set of 12 mood boards from Colour Inspiration Tuesday, so that we can find them easily anytime. The Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collections are now also available directly from the main website menu. 🙂

Color Inspiration Tuesday collection 2
Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 2


  • Jaffas and Cream quit at Clever Chameleon
    Jaffas and Cream quilt

    I also did a lot of quilting (by my standards) this month……. I did two charity quilts. Jaffas and Cream and also Bugs in my Garden. I also had a go at a trapunto design from Geta’s Quilting Studio and made it into a mini quilt. 

Bugs in my Garden
Bugs in my Garden quilt
Dream Big trapunto mini quilt
Dream Big trapunto mini quilt







  • And finally, I wrote up three posts with instructions on how to quilt some of my favourite free-motion motifs:

Strawberry Vines quilting tutorial

There was a discussion (with diagrams) about how to free-motion quilt strawberry leaves, strawberry flowers and strawberry berries on a continuous line of loop-de-loops.

Baking paper quilting tutorial

There was a tutorial on how to use baking paper to quilt designs without marking them, with a downloadable flower template to try.

And I also provided a downloadable template on how to quilt all the critters and garden motifs that featured in my post about Bugs in my Garden free-motion quilting.

Bugs in my Garden quilting
flowers and suns
dragonflies and butterflies
Bugs in my Garden quilting
snails and leaves







All of these tutorials were a lot of fun. If you missed any posts, be sure to check them out!

See you in October!

September was a very busy month at Clever Chameleon for sure. Especially when you add in the things I have also finished in advance so I can still play in blog land with you while we are working away from home.

I hope you found something of worth at Clever Chameleon in September. If you had a favourite post, I’d love to know.

Wishing you a wonderful October!

P.S. Linky parties I had a blast at this week:
Quilting Room with Mel, Sew Can Do, Quilt Fabrication, Sew Fresh Quilts, Crazy Mom Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Busy Hands Quilts, Love Laugh Quilt.
Click on the links to find lots and lots of quilt and craft projects from the last week or so.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate color scheme by Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: delicious colour combinations to try on your quilts.

Hello! Happy Colour Inspiration Tuesday! Did you have a chance to try out the Strawberry Vines quilting motifs inspired by last week’s colour board? I haven’t found anymore time to play further with Strawberry Vines as yet. But do you know what goes well with strawberries? Chocolate. Hot Chocolate to be precise. Mmmmm.

Hot Chocolate colour scheme from Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Hot Chocolate

Jaffas and Cream quilt The “Hot Chocolate” colour palette is dark red, red-orange, greyed-teal, off white, and warm shades of grey through to almost black. These colours are a really close match for the Jaffas and Cream charity quilt I blogged recently. You can find out a lot more about that quilt here.

Quilt with Hot Chocolate color scheme
The dark brown, red, red-orange, off white, and greyed teal can all be found in the fabric choices of Jaffas and Cream.

What will I do with this colour scheme? You know there is likely something, right? Well, to tell you that story, first I need to tell you this story …..

The colour scheme that nearly never was

Frosty Berries color scheme from Clever Chameleon
Frosty Berries colour palette

I started the Hot Chocolate colour scheme for last week’s colour inspiration slot. But then I realised that it wasn’t very different from the  Frosty Berries colour scheme we had two months ago. And that it also bore a fair resemblance to the warmer colour scheme Red-Eye Flight that we explored three months ago.

Red-Eye Flight color scheme from Clever Chameleon
Red-Eye Flight colour scheme

So, I set Hot Chocolate aside and started over with the Strawberries Vines post instead. I had no intention of resurrecting Hot Chocolate this week either, but then something happened. A good something.

I was drifting around the quilting part of the internet, as I do (a lot). And I discovered that Myra at Busy Hands Quilting is starting a fresh quilt along called Splash of Color. And I have taken the bait. Possibly the line and sinker too. The aim of the quilt along in question is to produce a black and white quilt with colour highlights.

Splash of Color Quilt Along

Splash Quilt Along @ Busy Hands QuiltsNow, I have to confess, I don’t do quilt alongs. I don’t do crowds. I don’t do other people’s patterns without a really, really good reason. Let’s be real here – I don’t even do my Handi Quilter homework til the due date! I get distracted. I end up with UFOs and inferiority complexes and all the other baggage that social media can trap you with. But I think this quilt along will suit me, and I’m actually pretty excited. 

Why? Because:
– it covers a quilt theme that I have wanted to try ever since I borrowed a certain book several years ago from my local library. That book was “Quilting in Black and White” by House of White Birches. (I have actually borrowed it several times). Many of the quilts in this book are black and white with colour highlights, and the effect continues to appeal to me.
– I have a Pinterest board dedicated to black and white quilts (with or without colour highlights) because I have always believed that some day I will get around to making such a quilt. It has over 300 pins on it. That is not a casual relationship!
– I have two black and white fabrics I specifically want to use. My husband bought them for me as a gift from one of his work trips. They are probably not what I would have chosen. But one should never discourage gifts of fabric! 🙂 And now they are exactly what I need. Yeah!

Black and white fabrics from Vanuatu
Black and white/grey scale fabrics from Vanuatu

– And, probably the clincher…. there is no pattern for this quilt along, the only boundaries are the colours and the timing. So I can create, and emotionally invest, and wander around this quilt theme all I like. Awesome!

So, back to my Colour Inspiration Tuesday/quilt along idea….. 

I always thought my future one-day black and white with a splash of colour quilt would be black, white and brilliant blue. Or black, white and rainbow. But it is going to be black, white and red.

Because I realise that I must really like this combo. “Hot Chocolate” is the third colour scheme in this general genera, out of less than 30 colour palettes. And I had another photo lined up in my ideas folder that would have resulted in a fourth (don’t worry, I am NOT doing a fourth). So clearly I am attracted to this graphic colour combination. 

black, red and white photo of a puffin
This ultra cute puffin was also begging to be a colour board!

There is also a measure of expediency in my choice. I have a great big piece of red fabric, also purchased by my husband, that is the same print as one of the aforementioned black fabrics. It will be perfect for the backing. Easy.

Here are my fabrics. I will probably have to add to them. (Oh, that’s so unfortunate…. hahahaha). My rainbow batik stash is sooooo wrong for this.

Fabrics from Vanuatu
My three fabrics to work with

I am hoping I will be able to find some other fabrics to match when we go to Vanuatu soon, which is where these first three came from. I also am hoping that the finished product will be a lovely souvenir of our family trip. And an encouragement to hubby to keep bringing that fabric home. (Hello dearest – just checking whether you actually read this.) And a couch protector… my black and white quilting friend with a red collar is playing havoc with the furniture :(.

Cat on Bugs in my Garden Quilt
Who me? Guilty as charged, Mr.

I am going to do a black and white background, and for my splash of colour, I am going to appliqué a red turtle on top. There might also be a hint of teal. The turtle will be inspired by the turtles on the fabric. I hope it will be eye-catching, just like the photos for my mood boards.

Turtle fabric from Vanuatu
I intend to design a turtle appliqué in this genera

Want to join the Splash of Color quilt along but terrified by the open-ended nature of the requirements?

Try my Pinterest Board above for over 300 ideas of black and white quilts with colour, or B&W quilts that could easily have colour added to them. Or get your hands on a copy of either Quilting in Black and White by House of White Birches or the quilt along’s theme book: Splash of Color: A Rainbow of Brilliant Black-and-White Quilts by Jackie Kunkel.

Today’s Photo Credit

Finishing up with the formalities….. Today’s stock photos are from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” photos. These photos are gifted freely and without demand for recognition, but I like to thank people who live so generously. So, if you would like to also use the hot chocolate photo, it is provided by Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash. The puffin photo is by Ray Hennessy. Click on the badges below to explore Jennifer’s or Ray’s other photos.
Jennifer Pallian
Ray Hennessy

Red Clever Chameleon logoI hope you will join in the quilt along. And keep an eye on this blog to keep me accountable….. even leave an encouraging message or two. Comments make my day and I do try to respond asap. If you are joining in the quilt along, let me know and I’ll visit your creations too. 

Happy Quilting!

P.S. Don’t forget about the Fabric with Art blog hop. It is coming up really soon!

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