Black and White Friday

black and white quilt under construction

From the Sewing Room: Vanuatu Turtle Quilt Progress

Vanuatu Turtle quilt progress
At last check-in

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the quilt that I am doing for the Splash of Color Quilt Along at Busy Hands Quilts. I have been slightly distracted with the homemade ornament blog hop and a few other small projects. They’ve been lots of fun, but I must admit, it’s really nice to get back to quilt making again.

The current milestone in the Splash of Color QAL is to have all our blocks completed, ready to sew up into a finished quilt top. If you haven’t been following along on this journey, you can find the relevant links here:
The quilt along guidelines and schedule at Busy Hands Quilts
My design thoughts and fabric choices
My cut pieces – appliqué preparation
The blocks for my quilt centre completed

In a nutshell, my plan is to make a quilt with fabrics predominately from Vanuatu. The intention is that this quilt will be a memento of our family’s visit there earlier this year. It will also double as a TV snuggle rug and protection for the couch from the cat. This is roughly what I’m aiming for:

Vanuatu Turtle Quilt design
My Vanuatu Turtle Quilt design for the Black and White and Splash of Color QAL

So, the progress report….

Now I have all the components prepared for my quilt top. I have sewn the centre blocks from my last check-in together.

black and white quilt

And I have sewn up four border strips.

border strips

It would have been quicker and simpler without the assistance……

Cat affected quilt

black and white cat
You can’t prove anything…..

Now all that remains is to combine these pieces with a red strip border to create the flimsy.  And then it will be time to add the appliqué. 🙂

black and white quilt under construction

Short and sweet this week!

red Clever Chameleon logo

If it’s part of your heritage, I hope you had a special Thanksgiving. And wishing everyone a great week ahead as we enter Advent. My kids are eagerly anticipating the hanging of the Advent quilt (aka the candy-pockets quilt)! Do you have any Advent or Christmas quilts that will be making their seasonal appearance soon? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Don’t forget to go see what the other Splash of Color QAL participants are up to.

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4 Replies to “Black and White Friday”

  1. Vanuatu! That’s a place I’ve long wanted to go; when I was teaching, I had my grade 9 (14-15 yr olds) French students do a powerpoint presentation on a French-speaking country, Vanuatu being one of the choices. Idyllic? Paradise? Incredible. As your quilt is going to be! Wow. And, snort, your black and white helper–I have a brown and cream one of those. 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra, if you ever get the chance…. jump at it! Beautiful country, beautiful people. We were there for work and it still felt like a holiday! Love my B&W half-siamese rescue. He’s such a character, but oh my goodness, what a time waster!

  2. This looks terrific – I love the interplay of values and print blending. Looking forward to seeing the turtle overlay! (I’ve got furry “helpers”, too – the little gremlins!)

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