Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blacklight Blue

Blacklight Blue color scheme from Clever Chameleon

Welcome to a short and sweet episode of Colour Inspiration Tuesday

I have been on this blog a lot the last week, so I’ll keep this brief. I was blog binge-reading on Saturday when I came across something I didn’t know, that I wish I had known a long time ago. So I am sharing it with you, on the off chance that you don’t know it either. 

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blacklight Blue

One of the quilting blogs I love to keep an eye on is Tamarack Shack. Kathy Schwartz is a longarm quilter way out of my league, and I love the eye-candy that she shares from her professional quilting business. And this week I got an extra helping of happiness from Kathy’s blog…… Kathy shared a quilt marking tip that she had recently realised not everyone knew. Wait for it…….You can see quilters’ chalk on light fabrics under blacklight! Ummmmm, I’m sure you’re excited, right?!

Well, I was excited. I had to know right then, if it was true! I got up off my bottom at once, found my son’s blacklight torch (one of those that comes with invisible ink spy sets for kids) and my chalk wheel. I drew several chalk lines on my Vanuatu Turtle Quilt (because that was what was at hand with white fabric).

Chalk on light fabric
Quilters’ chalk on light fabric

And turned on the torch. 

Quilters' chalk under blacklight
Quilters’ chalk on same fabric under blacklight torch

Now, I think I have mentioned that I don’t really trust marking pens, and avoid using them as much as possible. Now I have a new weapon in my arsenal that gives me an option I do trust.

blue Clever Chameleon logo

Guess what I am asking for for Christmas….. a blacklight of my own….. I have to put this torch back before I get accused by DS, fairly or otherwise, of making it go flat!

If you want to follow this up, the specific post where Kathy shares this tip can be found here. She uses the blacklight on her longarm to see pounce chalk. She also shares about her new design wall – another thing I need to get on top of one day.

Have a lovely week!

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