Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blood Blue Moon

Blood Blue Moon color scheme by Clever Chameleon

Once in a Blue Moon……

Sounds rare doesn’t it? Actually, blue moons (second full moons in a calendar month) happen surprisingly often. Like my crazy quilt ideas. 🙂 But full lunar eclipses are much rarer. And my glimpse of the blue moon lunar eclipse at the start of this month was even rarer again. The elusive blood blue moon. I had to stay up until nearly 1am to get a five minute glimpse of this lunar eclipse in the only break in the clouds all night. I was the only one in my household who bothered.

But it was totally worth it. Those five minutes were surreal, magical even. After taking a few amateur photos that turned out better than expected, I simply sat on the concrete path, still warm from the summer’s day, and watched. By myself, in the silence. Just me and the bizarre red moon. Until the clouds rolled back over and I went to bed feeling strangely moved.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blood Blue Moon

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Craft Room Destash Challenge – Project 70273

Project 70273 middling quilt

From the Sewing Room – Project 70273 and a Destash Challenge

Second month into 2108, and I’m still committed to destashing some of my fabrics. 🙂 It definitely helps to have a little motivation from Megan at C’mon Get Crafty and her Monthly Destash Challenge.  In fact, my destashing has become even more important, now that I have had a significant influx of fabrics from Island Batik. If you missed the opening of my first Ambassador box yesterday, you might want to take a squiz. I am over the moon with the collection of quilting supplies they sent me to play with!

Anyway, back to the destashing….. For last month’s challenge I used up most of my red fabric scraps making appliqué hearts. I also made a quilt top for these hearts to go onto, all out of stash. So I have actually used a measurable amount of stash so far. Great!

The hearts quilt project is on the backburner for now, but I must admit, I am very pleased with it. I expect I will progress it along again soon. However, for this month’s destash I am showing you something different. A much smaller project that is also part of a much bigger project – one that you might like to think about getting involved with too. 

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The BOX!!! She has arrived!!!

Island Batik Ambassador Box

It was all squeals of delight and happy dances at my house yesterday morning! My very first Island Batik Ambassador box has arrived!

Christmas treeYesterday was one of those days where it felt even more like Christmas than Christmas! I have been waiting and waiting for my first of Island Batik Ambassador goodies to arrive from the US, and it just wouldn’t come….. We had tracking on our boxes, and I have been torturing myself with that little string of numbers all week, checking and re-checking to see if my box had moved yet. Nope, still in Sydney. Still in Sydney. Still in Sydney…..

So yesterday unfolded like this….. I got up and completed a blog post that was meant to go out the day before. Then I had a late breakfast and checked emails and all that jazz….. and as I was finishing up my coffee I decided to poke the postal tracker, even though it was Saturday…… “ARRIVED AT POST OFFICE”, it said! I yelped. I really yelped – an involuntary sound of joy and relief all in one! Enough sound to bring my daughter running, mildly concerned…… Her adorable response, all young naivety and optimism…. “So it will come today then”…. insert happy dance…… And I said “Sadly, no, we don’t get Saturday deliveries except near Christmas”. “Yes” she said “Today, in 5 minutes”. I just smiled wistfully and got on with my morning, getting ready to go to a 2-year old’s birthday party and looking forward to Monday when That Box would finally arrive.

But then…..

…. I heard a van door slam. Out the window I see my parcel postman (also my friendly neighbour from 3 doors down) parked across the street. But I am still in my dressing gown. Cue another yelp! Yes, I can still move FAST. I was dressed…. (ok, so it was hubby’s shirt….but they were my pants!) and at the door when the doorbell rang. Should have seen me…. Mrs Cool, Calm and Collected! hahahaha

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My One Monthly Goal: Quilt Labels

quilt pile needing quilt labels

Do you label your Quilts? And How!?

How dedicated are you to labelling your quilts? All of your quilts?!

Umm, in all honesty, unless there is an immediate need to do so, I often walk away at this step with a vague intention of “doing it later”. Unless the quilt is facing a show entry deadline, or is to be sold, or something similarly dire. Because there are soooooo many more fun tasks that need doing in my sewing room than adding quilt labels. Yet, I am the first to admit this is silly. I actually think it is rather important to label my quilts, so a lack of labels causes me a mild sense of guilt and regret when I see my otherwise finished quilts languishing in the labelling queue.

This is why I have made labelling the quilts in my queue my One Monthly Goal for February. Moving these quilts on will be a weight off my mind. Although my furry helper will not be so pleased…… unless I put them back on the stack when I am done.

cat on quilts
New favourite spot!

Two really good reasons to label your quilts

The two best reasons why you and I should concientiously label our quilts are Continue reading “My One Monthly Goal: Quilt Labels”

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Happy Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day color scheme by Clever Chameleon

Happy Galentine’s Day! Colour Inspiration Tuesday meets Island Batik Ambassador project theme… Crazy about My BFF!

Galentines Day mug rug quilt

island Batik logoAfter Local Quilt Shop Day, the next theme on the Island Batik calendar is 13th February – Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day?! Yes. GAL-antine’s Day, for celebrating Gal-friends, ie your best girl pals, BFFs.

To celebrate Galentine’s Day, the Island Batik Ambassadors are creating mug rugs or quilted postcards or similar in a Galentine’s theme. For reasons that will become clear in a moment, my Galentine is created with crayon not batiks. My Galentine is also a little tongue in cheek rather than sentimental, and I hope it will make you smile. As a bonus I have turned my Galentine into a virtual postcard that you can download for free and send to all your friends. If you’re game! But before we get to that……

Gettin’ in the mood!

Apparently, Galentine’s Day is  the unofficial holiday for chicks……

pink chick

…… to ditch the boys…….

Awwwww. Sad.  🙁

……. and celebrate…….

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