Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4

Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4 from Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday, 31 Days of Everyday Quilt Inspiration Finale and October 2017 Roundup, all in one!!!


Today is the last day of the 2017 Write 31 Days bloggers’ challenge! I’m actually not sure how I feel about that! A little sad…. A little joyous! Lost….. Free….. Excited…. Tired. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I learned a lot. About myself, about quilting, about the world around me, about blogging. I noticed things I normally pass by and learned more about those things so that I could write about them. I found others’ blog posts on related topics. My blog post writing speed is now faster; and for better or worse, my posts are probably sounding more like the unedited me. I really hope you enjoyed the series and got something out of it. If you have been reading along – faithfully or sporadically – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday: Day 31

It seems fitting that today being both a Colour Inspiration Tuesday and the last day of my 31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday series, that we should be due for another Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection. Another set of 12 mood boards to inspire your crafts and quilts.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4

A quick summary of the ideas behind Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4…..

Since the last Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection we have used colour boards as a springboard to talk about getting the colours you want from your photos, how the contrast between a silhouette and a sunset makes the colours more brilliant, and how magnifying the things around you can give you a whole new perspective.

There was a new quilt design and a revisit of an old one. 

Tanna Island quilt design
New: Tanna Island quilt design
Sunset Wall quilt design
Revisit: Sunset Wall quilt design, coloured three ways

There was also one quilting design in the mix: Bougainvillea Surprise.

Bougainvillea Surprise quilting motif
Bougainvillea Surprise quilting motif

The Fourth Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection

To access the colour palettes and complete posts of Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4, click on the thumbnails below.

Silhouettes at Sunset color scheme from Clever Chameleon Bougainvillea Surprise color scheme from Clever Chameleon Mt Yasur Sunset color scheme from Clever Chameleon Mt Yasur Explosion color scheme from Clever Chameleon Silhouettes at Sunset, Port Vila color scheme from Clever Chameleon Pineapple Farm color scheme from Clever Chameleon Flanders Poppies color scheme from Clever Chameleon Spring Poppies color scheme from Clever Chameleon Frangipani Colours colour scheme from Clever Chameleon Purple Bougainvillea color scheme from Clever Chameleon Quangdong Christmas color scheme by Clever Chameleon White Cedar color scheme from Clever Chameleon

Beyond mood boards and their associated posts

But October 2017 was so much more than just mood boards! We had a tutorial on Shadow Trapunto, joined in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop and met my great aunt.

Shadow Trapunto with Felt tutorial
Shadow Trapunto with Felt tutorial
Pacific Cleaner Shrimp art quilt
Art with Fabric blog hop


We looked at lots of quilt design ideas. In addition to the two from Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 4, there were 5 others of note. 

Abstract Pandanus quilt design
Abstract Pandanus quilt design
Hopscotch picnic quilt design
Hopscotch picnic quilt design
Fun smiley face quilt design
Fun smiley face quilt design
Backgammon picnic quilt design
Vanuatu turtle quilt design
Vanuatu turtle quilt design












There were two discussions about appliqué inspiration, including a free downloadable file of 6 gecko shapes.

Hermit crab appliqué
Hermit crab design
Gecko silhouettes
Gecko silhouettes

And we also explored the ideas that have inspired some of my quilts in the past. Here are two of my favourites.

Children's Drawings
Children’s Drawings
fabric scrap quilt
Other People’s Scraps

Even after all of these, there were still plenty more ideas…. For more colours from October visit Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3. For the entire 31 Days of Everyday Quilt Inspiration series, start here. This latter post contains the complete list of links to the whole series.

Staying Connected

I hope you had a wonderful October. I sure did, although I hope you managed to fit in more quilting or sewing than me. And I also wish you all the best for a November full of blessings.

red Clever Chameleon logoThis coming month I will be sharing tutorials for two Christmas tree decorations made primarily of fabric and other scraps from my quilting adventures. One of these will be part of a much bigger project – the 2017 Ornament Exchange, with tutorials from 47 different bloggers. If you don’t want to miss these, sign up for email reminders on the sidebar or follow along on Bloglovin’. We will also be revisiting the Splash of Color Quilt Along at some point soon.

If you like colour inspiration, you can find all my previous mood boards anytime in one easy location on the main menu. Or keep an eye on my Pinterest account

So that was October. November awaits, ready or not! See you there!

P.S. Now that I have finished my own 31 day blog series, I will have more time to catch up with some of the other writers who participated. Have you read any of the other Write 31 Days series from this year? Would you recommend any? 

I can recommend an excellent series to you. My blog friend Joy from “Days Filled with Joy” wrote a fantastic series on 31 Days of Earning  from Sewing and Quilting! It’s all about how to turn your quilt hobby into cash and it’s very thoughtfully written. Joy is also an extremely lovely individual and has a nice community of quilt friends that interact regularly around her blog. Pop over, say hi and tell her I sent you. 🙂

P.P.S. Linky parties I enjoyed this week:
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Everyday Quilt Inspiration: Magnification

White Cedar color scheme from Clever Chameleon

31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in Real Life

There are so many things that we fail to see in life. And sometimes it’s not even our fault. Some things are just too small to appreciate fully without special effort. There is a world of inspiration in the tiny, the minuscule and the molecular. All you need is a means of magnification.

Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday: Day 30

China Berry color scheme from Clever ChameleonMy train of though started today with the flowers on a tree growing on our council strip. This tree was tiny when we moved here, but was growing well until it was attacked by a vandal. Pretty much ever since, my young daughter has been cheering this tree on. This year it matured and flowered for the first time, so I am finally able to easily identify it. It is a White Cedar (Melia azedarach, also known as China Berry), one of the very few deciduous Australian natives. The berries are toxic (good to know) to humans and most animals but not birds. Apparently cockatoos like them, so I hope the cockatoos in our area find it. Otherwise the berries are going to make an almighty mess on the pavement and hubby is not too pleased about the prospect of that.

White Cedar flower, many times magnification

The flowers of this tree are insignificant on their own but they bloom in impressive bunches. However, if you magnify the flowers, you can see that they are really quite pretty and almost orchid like. It is the purple stamen tube with the yellow stamens sticking out that has the most visual impact, but without magnification you are unlikely to notice this….. each tube is only 1/4″ long.

And this got me thinking back to my days as a molecular biologist and geneticist. In that life, looking down a microscope was an everyday experience for me. And I often marvelled at the hidden structure of things. 

Contemplating Magnification as Quilt Inspiration

These days I am reliant on a magnifying glass I stole from one of my kids and my camera for looking more closely at things. These are tools you can probably access too. Magnifying glasses are available pretty widely, and a basic one is just a few dollars. So the real question is: where to look? 

butterfly wing under magnification
A butterfly wing in detail from a photo I took in Singapore airport

Biology is an amazing place to start for pleasing designs. Flowers obviously. But there are so many other things that also become even more interesting with magnification. Feathers. Bugs (have you ever considered the beauty of the compound eye?). Shells. Leaves. Ferns. Skin. Fossils. Microscopic creatures. Cells. I could keep listing here for hours, but I won’t. Grab a magnifying glass or a camera with a zoom function and just start looking around you.

Try taking photos, magnifying and then cropping them. Sometimes destroying the context of an object or only showing a portion of it adds enormously to its artistic appeal. That’s the brilliant thing about digital cameras. No limits to the number of photos you can take, and no limits to the alterations you can make to them.

Butterfly under magnification
Another cropped butterfly photo from Singapore airport

Many, many amazing abstract art pieces have had their start in magnified nature. This is certainly not a new idea for art or quilt inspiration. But it is an idea that will probably never be exhausted. There is no copyright on the feather you found at the park. And no limit to the ways you can interpret it either. That is between you, your imagination and your sewing machine.

If you’ve done something like this and you’d like to share your quilts and/or ideas here, I’d love to hear about them. Don’t forget to comment below. 🙂

And if you’ve enjoyed this, don’t forget to check out previous posts in my 31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday series. Tomorrow is the last day!


Just before I leave you today, I want to share an interesting example of taking this concept to the extreme. Beverly St Clair likes to quilt representations of DNA. She has done a few helix quilts. But the ones that caught my fancy a few years back are those where she has assigned each of the four main chemical components of DNA an orientation of the half square triangle. She has then turned various DNA sequences into quilts by piecing half square triangles to match the code. Go take a look, it’s a fascinating idea!