Celebrating Local Quilt Shops and Life’s Little Pleasures

Quilt shop Day

But First, a Regatta Quilt Update – Quilt Top Finished

Are you sewing along on the no pressure, no deadline Regatta quilt-along at Home Sewn by Us? I am happy to say that I now have a quilt top towards this project, and have mostly enjoyed the laid-back challenge of adapting the jelly roll I had to the Regatta Quilt Pattern. I must emphasise the “mostly”, because just after my last post about this quilt, this project had a rough couple of days. It seemed every time I picked it up, I managed to sew something into the wrong place! It. should. have. been. so. simple. And yet I muffed it up. Not once, but several times!

Regatta Quilt sewn by Clever Chameleon

But all’s well that ends well, and here is my Regatta Quilt top for my daughter. It is the same width as the original pattern, but slightly longer to suit her bed. I believe it is 4 strips longer (2 coloured, 2 white) than the original. The scraps from the jelly roll are going to be used to make a throw pillow to go with the quilt.

Regatta fabric scraps

A Backing for the Regatta Quilt

So now my thoughts are turning to backing….. this year I am making a concerted effort to use some stash, so my daughter was given free reign to choose from my favourite batik stash to create a backing. We have settled on bed-width stripes to echo the Regatta Quilt top, but bright colours (no white) and varying width strips.

batik fabrics
My daughter’s quilt backing plan

My daughter chose the fabrics and we essentially left them in the order and proportions that they fell. I only made one executive decision about three fabrics in a row that all read as the exact same pink. It is going to be very pretty. Essentially this will be a reversible quilt, which is an outcome that always pleases me immensely.

In Other News

It has been drawn to my attention by Island Batiks that today is Local Quilt Shop Day. I had to smile at this. For one, my local quilt/fabric shops are my happy places, so there is plenty to smile about. And reason two…. my most local quilt shop is closed for the entire Australia Day holiday weekend, so there is a mild irony in not being able to go and “support” them today . But in the spirit of the day I figured I would tell you about them anyway. 

Adelaide Sewing Centre

My closest quilt shop is the Adelaide Sewing Centre. It is a family owned and operated small business with a big heart. Kathy, Dave and their daughter Heather are super helpful – and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who can equal Kathy’s ability to remember names! Heather is a local talent in FMQ and Dave is the go to guy for all enquiries mechanical. This is where I have bought most of my machines over the years – the most recent being my HQ Sweet Sixteen. This store also has great support with classes and groups to help you get the best out of your new machine, and also carries specialty tools and quilting notions.

Tricia’s Discount Fabrics

The other local shop I frequent regularly is Tricia’s Discount Fabrics.

Tricia's Discount Fabrics
Welcome to Tricia’s Discount Fabric Warehouse(s)

Trish is a fabric dynamo and guru, with three huge sheds of fabric. What Trish doesn’t know about fabric isn’t worth knowing! About half her stock is quality quilting weight cottons, the rest is an extensive collection of dressmaking and upholstery weight fabrics. No need to search the massive premises for me though……. you will find me down the back of the main warehouse. At the enormous wall (floor to ceiling) of batiks! 

Did I mention the batiks?! πŸ™‚
fabric store
By Australian standards this independent fabric store is huge.

And While We are Celebrating Local…..

Do you love where you live? I hope so! I don’t always love city living, but I do very much appreciate the wetlands that we have close by.

Just two nights ago I had the pleasure of watching this pelican happily catching his dinner.

And I hope you can celebrate the lighter side of your local culture with a little glee occasionally too. In honour of Australia Day, and because we are on the theme of local, I am taking the liberty of sharing two Aussie snippets that made me smile yesterday.

Australian flag
Warning: slightly silly Aussie content coming up!

My “Aussie Smiles” picks for Australia Day:

  • In a South Australian rural community near where I grew up, currently lives the biggest steer (cow) you have ever likely seen. His name is Big Moo and he is a gentle giant and a family pet. Yesterday he did his bit for for the Riding for the Disabled charity by providing the splat for a “Splat Raffle”. This especially took my son’s fancy, as he has been amused by the idea of a splat raffle ever since he read a fictional story about one last year. 
  • And have you been frustrated by the lack of Aussie Emojis out there? Nope?! Me neither, but just in case you ever need it, there is now an Aussie Emoji app. Complete with koala love and a grumpy wombat to help the rest of the world understand our feelings better! Glad to see that the Aussie larrikin spirit is not dead yet. Too funny! 

Celebrating one last Local Gem

And one last local happy dance before I sign off, fresh off the press today actually….. Lisa shared her Beary Colourful Red Bear block with me via facebook.  Not only is Lisa’s bear fantastic, but her profile says she lives only about 75 km (50 miles) from me!  Of all the world on the internet and a  (relatively local) local has nailed my bear pattern! Awesome! If you’re reading this Lisa – thank you, you’ve made my weekend!

Lisa's red bear
Lisa’s Red Bear

So, on the subject of bears…… Do you think we should start sneaking peeks at February’s blue bear? Tomorrow’s forecast is for 42C – sounds like a good day to sort through photos and put something up on facebook….. πŸ™‚

In the meantime….. tell me……. where is your favourite local quilt shop? And what makes it so great? I’d love to know. And share something a little bit fun about where you live with me…… a little healthy local pride is a good thing!

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4 Replies to “Celebrating Local Quilt Shops and Life’s Little Pleasures”

  1. Good heavens! 42C! It’s only 22 here in southwestern Florida where I am now residing for the next 5 weeks or so. I’d like it a bit hotter but it was perfect for a 3.2 km walk I just did with my dog. πŸ™‚ Have to write up my LQS post; I’ve taken the pics from the home one in Ontario and also for the away one here in Florida. Happy Aussie Day (it was on our Canadian news which I stream while I’m down here), and yay for koala emojis. πŸ™‚ Yay also for someone so close doing your bear pattern!

  2. Hot here too, they say you are sending heat waves across the ditch. I have a friend who grew up in Quorn, and they stopped playing tennis, according to what her mother told her, when it reached 45C!!! And that was way back before air con. She lives about 5 minutes from me now. Locals, how neat is that for Lisa to make a Red Ted. Local Quilt Shop, my nearest are 30 to 40 minutes away.And that selection of batiks? worth a trip over maybe with an empty suitcase or TWO. Have a great Sunday Dione.

  3. Today I splashed into my red bear creation. Applique is not really in my wheelhouse, but I’ll never get better if I don’t put in the effort, and as well, the little guy you have given to us is just so darned cute. He deserves to come live with us. He will be company for Lucy. Today I fused him together, and tomorrow I hope to start the stitching. I will try to find a way to send a pic of him.

  4. Hi Dione,
    I came looking for this month’s bear – oh my, blue is so fabulous – and stayed to peek at your Regatta. Wow – this looks really great. And those batiks for the background a fabulous. I am going to share another update soon – maybe mid-February, so I won’t point to this post. You may have it quilted by then! No pressure though, and I’m sorry you had some issues. I did too – almost mixed up row 5 before rows 3 and 4. ~smile~ Roseanne

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