Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Aurora Green

Aurora Green color scheme from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday: a free resource of colour combinations to try on your quilts.

Welcome to our first Monochrome Colour Inspiration Tuesday! I have noticed that quilters quite like monochrome or very nearly monochrome colour schemes.  And of these, green quilts are very popular. Among my Pinterest quilt inspiration boards I have one called Monochrome and Analogous Colour Quilts. And on this board it is typically the green quilt pins that receive the most attention. Green is a soothing colour, it is a great choice for a quilt.

To make an interesting monochrome quilt you need to pay attention to the colour value range. If there is not enough colour value contrast, a monochrome quilt will not have much visual interest. So, let’s look at a photo with a great green colour range: Aurora Green.

Aurora Green color palette by Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Aurora Green

The “Aurora Green” colour palette isa range of seven greens – from pale yellow green through to a green so dark it is nearly black.

This colour range is sufficient to capture the glow of this beautiful photo in luminescent quilt designs such as Blooming Nine-Patch or Light in the Valley. See?

Simple Blooming Nine-Patch Layout using the Aurora Green colour scheme.
Simple Blooming Nine-Patch Layout using the Aurora Green colour scheme.

It also covers enough green colour values to make a geometric quilt with good clean lines of contrast between the design elements. Here is one fabulous example of a quilt that uses a similar colour palette to do just that. Hop over and take a look at this lovely blog post by Pie Lady Quilts.

link to Pie Lady Quilts

You can also check out my carefully curated Green Quilts Pinterest Board for more inspiration on how to use green in a stunning quilt.

One final idea: add a little pink and/or yellow as highlights to this colour scheme to make a fresh garden colour quilt. Play with these colours until they resonate for you!

Not into Green? Fair enough….

Blue Fox color scheme from Clever ChameleonRed-eye Flight color scheme from Clever ChameleonWhy not try some of the other colour palettes in the growing Clever Chameleon collection? Some popular colour schemes at the moment are Red-Eye Flight from a fortnight ago, and a calming blue and red-brown colour scheme called Blue Fox


Today’s very green photo is from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” credit-free photos. I am grateful to people who contribute to open source communities, so I would like you to know that this lovely photo was provided by Jan Erik Waider. Visit Jan’s photo collection here:
Jan Erik Waider

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P.S. If you would like to use Jan’s photo or another Colour Inspiration Tuesday photo for your own projects, you can easily find all the Unsplash photos from Colour Inspiration Tuesday in one place for free in my Colour Inspiration Collection.

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