Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blue Fox

Blue Fox color palette from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday: a free resource of colour combinations to try on your quilts.

It’s Tuesday again already! This week we have a classic colour combination that I think I’ll never tire of. Calming blues with warm browns.  Inspired by a stunning photo of a fox curled up in snow reflecting blue light….. I’m calling this palette “Blue Fox”.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday blue fox palette. light steel blue, cadet blue, grey, dark olive, brown, slate

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Blue Fox

The “Blue Fox” colour palette is light steel blue, cadet blue, grey, dark olive, brown, mid brown, light slate and dark olive. Use these different colours in different proportions to get the effect you want. If you use a high proportion of blues, you will produce a very calming palette. Alternatively, focusing on the browns with blue highlights will give a very masculine look – maybe just the thing for a quilt for your favourite bloke? Using the two colour families in equal proportions will give a very lovely. mature palette that would look great on the wall or couch. Like always, there are no right or wrong combinations, just the ones you prefer and those you don’t.

Blue and Brown not your thing? That’s ok!

If you like warmer, much redder colours than “Blue Fox”, you may like “Butterfly Loves Red” instead!

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Today’s stock photo is from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” photos. While there is no obligation for me to tell you where I got this photo, I love to give credit where credit is due. So; this lovely photo was provided by Ray Hennessy via Unsplash.

Clever chameleon logo blueJoin me next Tuesday to explore another colour combination possibility for your quilt projects. In the meantime, look around you to find colours similar to Blue Fox in use, and notice whether there are other colours you’d like to add or substitute. Change it to make it truly your own. Remember: choose the colour combination that You like best…… always make sure you are quilting your own story by celebrating your own creativity!

P.S. If you would like to use this photo for your own projects, you can find all the unaltered Unsplash photos from Colour Inspiration Tuesday in one place in my Colour Inspiration Collection.

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