Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3

Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection Number 3

Welcome to the third collection of Colour Inspiration Tuesday mood boards. Actually, these are not exclusively Colour Inspiration “Tuesday” boards…. they are mostly Colour Inspiration “Everyday” boards. Because October has been Write 31 Days month and I am exploring the theme finding quilt inspiration in the everyday. So, I have been sharing colour boards whenever inspiration strikes. But it would be silly to discriminate by birthday, so I hereby declare them to all be Colour Inspiration Tuesday colour schemes, and so therefore this is Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3.Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3

A quick summary of the ideas behind Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3…..

Strawberry Vines FMQ designIn amongst the latest colour boards, we have explored 2 quilt designs, a hermit crab appliqué idea and two free-motion quilting designs. I even stitched out the strawberry vines FMQ design for you.  Now that I am home again, I might try to whip up an example of Nervous Plant FMQ as well, but I have more pressing quilting matters at hand first.

Hot Chocolate led to a quilt design concept for a black, white and red quilt that I am going to make for the Splash of Color QAL. I will be sharing the next stage of this process very soon. The other quilt design in this set is from Pandanus Fruit, and was more of a theoretical exercise. I have no immediate plans to make this quilt, as fun as it would be!

Pandanus Fruit abstract quilt design
Pandanus Fruit abstract quilt design

My Hermit Crab appliqué idea looks like this. Wouldn’t he make a fun motif for someone who likes hermit crabs? I have a particular friend in mind for this one, so he stands a chance of actually getting done one day.

Hermit Crab appliqué idea from Clever Chameleon

The Third Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection

To access the colour palettes and complete posts of Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3, click on the thumbnails below.

Hoppy Tuesday colour scheme from Clever Chameleon Strawberry Vines color scheme from Clever Chameleon Hot Chocolate color scheme from Clever Chameleon Wattle You Make? color scheme from Clever ChameleonRising Sun Flower colour scheme from Clever Chameleon Yellow Tulip color scheme from Clever Chameleon Vanuatu Décor color scheme from Clever Chameleon Nervous Plant color scheme from Clever Chameleon Pandanus Fruit color scheme from Clever Chameleon Hermit Crab color scheme from Clever Chameleon Coconut Lorikeet color scheme by Clever Chameleon Mt Yasur Fireworks color scheme from Clever Chameleon


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Green Clever Chameleon logoI hope you feel inspired by some of the ideas in Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3. If you missed the first 12 Colour Inspiration Tuesday colour schemes, you can find them here. And the second collection of 12 colour schemes is found here

At Clever Chameleon we explore at least one potential quilt colour scheme every week. For the rest of October it is likely to continue to be considerably more. But November will see the return of our usual posting schedule of 2-3 posts per week, including one Colour Inspiration Tuesday slot and a tutorial or quilt-process related post nearer the end of the week. Follow Clever Chameleon Quilting on Bloglovin’ to stay abreast of all the fun quilty things I do and find on the internet. Or subscribe in the sidebar to receive regular Clever Chameleon emails that will Colour Your Mood and Brighten Your World.

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6 Replies to “Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection 3”

  1. Thank you for this post and I will check out the 2 previous. I struggle with color or at least I think I do. Rarely am I happy with my color choices once the quilt is complete.

    1. Hi Denise, so glad you found it helpful. I think a lot of quilters struggle with color choice because it can be hard to imagine the big picture when you are fabric shopping. Practice does help though, as do a few simple rules about complementary colors and contrast. Another trick is to address color imbalances after you’ve finished with appliqué or embellishments. I know it is better to get it right the first time, but at least you can feel good about rescuing a project. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to address anything I think might be of general interest as a future post. Maybe you’ll get some suggestions from others as well. 🙂

      1. Dione, my dream quilt colors are olive drab and peach, along with other shades that blend. A few years ago I saw the colors I want in a quilt but cannon recreate at the fabric store.

        1. I presume that is because designers feel that those colours are not on trend at the moment? I have a pretty olive drab/pink quilt in my charity queue at the moment, but I have to say I have never done olive and peach before.

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