Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Knot Dramatic

Knot Dramatic color scheme by Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday: a free resource of colour combinations to try on your quilts.

Another Tuesday, another healthy dose of colour inspiration for your quilts! Today we have a really strong colour palette, called “Knot Dramatic”. Inspired by a crisp photo of a coiled rope with beautiful lighting and textures. It is another blue and brown colour scheme, but in cool rather than warm tones like the lovely “Blue Fox” scheme we had a few weeks ago.

Knot Dramatic colour scheme

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Knot Dramatic

The “Knot Dramatic” colour palette is dark slate grey, gingerbread, coffee, light powder blue, stone blue and aegean blue. It is quite masculine, but would also look wonderful against neutral decor in a living area, or as a throw rug on my dark blue couch.

I think this combination would work best by concentrating on the mid and light tones, using the dark colours more sparingly. There is definitely a risk that too much of the slate grey could dampen the mood of a quilt in the Knot Dramatic colour scheme, but a little would really lift the vibrancy of the rest of the collection. Play with it until you find Your perfect combination!

Purple tulip colour schemeDon’t need a masculine/neutral colour palette today?

There are much softer, warmer palettes to chose from in the Colour Inspiration Tuesday archives. Perhaps you’d prefer “Purple Tulip” in pinks, purples and greens or the gentle pastel confectionery colours of “Lily Pad Glow“.Lily pad glow colour scheme from clever chameleon

Today’s Photo Credit

Today’s stock photo is from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” photos. While there is no obligation for me to tell you where I got this photo, I love to give credit where credit is due. So; this lovely photo was provided by Robert Zunikoff via Unsplash. Robert Zunikoff

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