Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Sunset Wall

Sunset Wall colour scheme from Clever Chameleon

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Hi – Welcome to another Colour Inspiration Tuesday! Today I have chosen a photo that is really already a quilt idea…. I bet you can see where this is going!

Today’s colour palette was inspired by a photo that is so warm that you can almost feel the reflected heat radiating off the beautiful solid brick wall. Today we are exploring these colours in the palette “Sunset Wall”.

Sunset Wall color scheme by Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Sunset Wall

The “Sunset Wall” colour palette is light lavender, salmon, rose, rust red, orange, dusky purple and dark eggplant. Of course, the bricks are already in a easy to piece layout – either with the light “mortar” sashing, or without. 

Sunset Wall quilt layout
A simple rendition of Sunset Wall to give a simple quilt design.

This is a very easy design to customise, Add more rows or width of bricks to make the quilt exactly the size you want. Use scraps or yardage to make the bricks. Piece them randomly or according to the layout you want. The less precisely you sew the mortar strips between the bricks, the more rustic your wall will become. Great for a beginner!

Full sunset wall palette
Adding extra colours to the Sunset Wall palette adds depth.

I used the “Sunset Wall” colour scheme plus two related colours to design my wall quilt. These were an extra mid-value rose pink and a light orange. Here is my full colour range.

You can also decorate this quilt with appliqué. I was thinking to design a climbing plant or hollyhocks onto mine, when my hubby said it needed a cat on the top.

And for once he is right! hahahaha. So a cat is what it got! I like it. I mustn’t make it though, I am still working on the Jewel Tone Diamonds quilt.

Sunset Wall quilt design with cat appliqué
Added some fun to Sunset Wall with a cat!

What would you do with the Sunset Wall colour palette on a quilt? Let me know in the comments below!

These colours too bright? Try using the same colour combination, but in their tones or shades.

Muted Sunset Wall colour palette by Clever Chameleon
Slightly muted Sunset Wall colour palette

Sometimes fabric availability will dictate which shades of colours you can use. Other times you have more luxury of choice. If you are not a “brights” kind of person you might prefer to use a slightly greyed version of this colour palette. This trick works for other colour schemes as well.

If Sunset Wall does not take your fancy, there is a growing number of colour inspirations here on Clever Chameleon. Why not check out this post, which shows you the latest dozen colour palettes all in one spot?

Today’s Photo Credit

Today’s stock photo is from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” photos. If you would like to also use this lovely photo, it was provided by Michal Grosicki via Unsplash for license-free usage. Find more of Michal’s photos here:
Michał Grosicki

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