Dione Gardner-StephenHello!

Hi, I am Dione Gardner-Stephen.  I have been creating and crafting as long as I can remember. I became addicted to patchwork and quilting in late 2011 and have never looked back. Sewing is a calm happy place for me, an activity that works wonders for my overall happiness in life.

I love textile crafts because there is so much scope in technique, so many colours to play with and so many textures to touch. Talented people are always pushing the boundaries of what is a quilt and how to make one, that one has to work very hard to get bored! I also love quilting because it is a very social craft. My friends got me hooked through shared afternoons of fun and laughter, and I have met lots of wonderful people through more formal quilting adventures. Quilters seem to me, by nature, a pretty generous group of creative people.

Quilting appeals to me on so many levels….

Quilting appeals to my hardwired desire to recycle and use up scraps, my scientific/mathematically-oriented thinking processes (I am a trained scientist who also loves jigsaw puzzles) and my predisposition to give handmade gifts to the people I hold most dear. Designing and making quilts for specific recipients, and making that process as meaningful and purposeful as possible is one of my main motivators. Clever Chameleon is the culmination of a lifetime love of crafting items mostly for other people. I hope you will find something in my experiences to help you personalise your quilts, have some fun and write your own quilt story.

Beyond Clever Chameleon….

In the rest of my life I am blessed to be a mother,  and I am a passionate supporter of the Serval Project (a humanitarian and emergency telecommunications  research project headed by my husband), my local arts community and Compassion Australia. I like gardening for food and also have been privileged to travel a fair bit recently. In the interests of full disclosure, I prefer cats to dogs!

The Prologue to my Quilt Story…

Check out the gallery below for a small taste of my creative journey since I was little. The prologue to my quilting story!

And it’s all Dione Gardner-Stephen the quilt addict from then on!

I’m seeing some recurring themes here…. textile crafts, recycling and use of scraps, a tendency to self-design, a preference for animal and flower subjects, and a slightly wacky sense of humour….. All things you’ll still find in my work today! What has influenced your quilt story?