Dream Big Trapunto Mini Quilt Finished

Dream Big mini quilt detailHow do you Hang your Mini Quilts?

Howdy……. Normally I do not post on a Wednesday. But today, I want to show off my finish from last week (I was going to show you in my usual end of week post, but that draft is getting too long already). So I have split my ravings into two doses this week. I hope you don’t mind…..

Anyway, do you remember last week I was madly trying out some trapunto as homework for my local Handi Quilter club? Well, I was. I chose to play with a free design from Geta’s Quilting Studio, that you can access too if you wish. Then I added a heap of FMQ as decoration and practice. And then I ran out of time. But it is now trimmed and bound and hung. Voila!

Dream Big mini quilt
Dream Big mini quilt stuck directly on the wall

I bound it by machine and it was a bit of a rush job. I probably will refrain from doing that again. But I have just found out we need to head overseas for work for a couple of weeks and I have committed to a fair few too many things between now and then. So, in the belief that finished is better than perfect, it is done. Apart from NOT needing any more UFOs, there are two other reasons why I wanted this finished. The first is, that I wanted to try hanging a quilt with these:

Command hooks
Just so you know, I have no relationship with 3M/Command. I’m just exploring my world and sharing with you as I see fit.

These are adhesive velcro-like strips that clip together and stick to your wall and your picture. I have used 3M brand hooks for a long time, and always have found them to perform very well, so when someone mentioned to me that they use them to hang quilts, I was intrigued. To be honest, also a little bit skeptical. I was not sure that the adhesive strips would hold that well to fabric…. and what of the long term consequences to the quilt? Best to test it out on something not too precious.

Hanging the “Dream Big” mini

So “Dream Big” was always going to be my test piece for this experiment. I added one strip to each corner. In theory, the weight of this quilt probably only needs 1 or 2 strips, but one in each corner will keep it flush to the wall. And I want to pin my show ribbons to it as a display. So over time it should increase in weight! How’s that for optimism!! hahahaha. Please don’t think I am being conceited…… I am currently laughing quite hard….. πŸ™‚ Accumulation of dust is likely the bigger hazard! “Dream Big” is a reminder to myself about sticking with this blog, and believing in my husband’s humanitarian goals, not show quilting.

Anyway, to begin with, the adhesive didn’t seem to bond very well with the Dream Big quilt. But the strips have been on there for four days now, and I have to admit, they are feeling pretty firmly stuck now. I have even become game enough to add two ribbons… the one I got from the local show this year and a second place I won in 2014.

Dream Big with ribbons
Dream Big is now my ribbon display quilt.


Dream big sitting flush
No hanging gap.

I’ll let you know if it comes crashing down. In which case, I will be opting to use hanging corner pockets on my mini quilts instead. But I do like how this hanging method leaves the quilt completely flush against the wall. And the instant gratification of quilt onto wall works for me as well!

Have you ever tried these hooks, or a similar product on a quilt? How do they perform over time?

I am linking this post up with Amy’s Creative Side for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. It’s the first time I have participated in this and I’m quite excited….. this is the upside of being a brand new blogger (and easily amused…)! There are a lot of prizes up for grabs for just participating, so if you blog about your quilts, head on over and join us. Link ups finish the end of this week. Good luck!

If you are a blogger having arrived here from Amy’s quilt festival, welcome and please leave a comment – it would be a pleasure to “meet” you.

purple Clever Chameleon logoHow do you hang your mini quilts? I’d love to hear from you. Comments make my day, and I’m always amazed at the plethora of ideas out there when quilters start sharing tips!!

I hope I will catch you again in a day or two with my main post. We are going to be quilting garden motifs. Until then, Happy Quilting!!

P.S I have also shared this post on Finish it Up Friday.  Boy, the quilters are out in force this week – lots of great ideas here!

15 Replies to “Dream Big Trapunto Mini Quilt Finished”

  1. Looks lovely, and great idea to use the strips.. will be interesting to see how they hold up, please keep us updated! xx

  2. Pretty quilt and intriguing idea. I do use the command hooks, but with a sleeve and screen molding, which does fit very close to the wall. I’ll be very interested to see how your method works, if for no other reason than to attach some of the strips to the bottom corners of quilts that refuse to hang flat.

    1. I also normally use command hooks and a sleeve, with a powder-coated metal curtain rod. I have to say I am nervous of raw wooden rods over the very long term (is that what you mean by screen molding? – I had to look it up)…. anyway, I think these velcro-like hooks will be perfect for pesky bottom corners. On my favourite quilts I might actually hand sew patches for the hooks to stick to, just in case the glue gets into the fibres or stains over time. Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. πŸ™‚ If you give it a go, be sure to let Geta know (and me too). I would love to see what other people do with it.

  3. Great quilt with a good message! The quilting is wonderful. I use pins to hang my quilts. Nothing fancy. Seems like I always forget the corner pocket and don’t want to fuss with a hanging sleeve.

    1. Hanging sleeves are indeed a stack of bother. The only quilts in my house with hanging sleeves have so because they were displayed somewhere externally. Pins? How do you do that? Straight into the wall? Or something else? My house is 1960s brick, so no chance of pins in the wall here. I’m curious now….

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