Everyday Quilt Inspiration: Coconut Lorikeet

Coconut Lorikeet colour scheme from Clever Chameleon

31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in Real Life

Yesterday we treated ourselves to lunch at a resort, situated just past one of the Vanuatu villages where we are working to develop emergency telecommunications. It turned out to be a good idea, as the owner is an Aussie who was able to help us out with quite a variety of local intel.

While we were waiting for lunch, my next quilting inspiration wandered up to greet us (actually to try to steal our soft drinks and our shoe laces).

Coconut lorikeet eyeing off soft drink
A moment after this shot, that empty coke can was toast.

Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday: Day 6

The resort has two pet lorikeets, who wander among the guests biting shoelaces and climbing backpacks. I admit, at the time I assumed they were rainbow lorikeets like the birds we have back at home in Australia. They are indeed similar in size and colour and behave just as poorly: loud, rude and bossy! But now looking at the photos, it is clear that they have a different colour pattern that is more muted than the Australian rainbow lorikeet. I believe they are a subspecies of Coconut Lorikeet.

coconut lorikeet in glass
Bottom’s up! Clearly these birds have partied before!
Coconut Lorikeet on backpack
Smug success…. yes, you are well aware you aren’t welcome on the backpack, bird!

How was I inspired by the Coconut Lorikeet?

Because these characters were so persistent about sharing our resources, I had plenty of opportunity to take all sorts of photos. And it will definitely be fun to create appliqués from some of the poses. Like I did for the hermit crab yesterday. Sadly I don’t have time to mock you up an example at the moment, so you will have to settle for a colour board and some cheeky bird pictures so I can go to bed. Here’s one last picture of the lorikeets checking out Paul’s telecommunications equipment.

Coconut Lorikeets attacking a mesh extender
Paul wanted a photo of the birds on his telecommunications box. They tested the antennas just like their Australian cousins would. But they were super unimpressed and moved on straight away.

The Coconut Lorikeets were pretty funny and annoying all at the same time….. much like a pair of toddlers on too much sugar!

See you again tomorrow!

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2 Replies to “Everyday Quilt Inspiration: Coconut Lorikeet”

  1. Awww, I had one of these spunky, colorful lorikeets some years ago. She was hand feed and lived for 18 years, I loved her so much 😉

    1. Spunky – that’s a great word for these. They obviously thought they owned the place – yet they were totally affectionate with each other. I can absolutely imagine how much one of these would work its way into your heart. Amazing birds. Thanks so much for sharing.

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