Everyday Quilt Inspiration: Pandanus Fruit

Pandanus Fruit color scheme from Clever Chameleon

31 days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in Real Life

Aghhh. Slow internet! No internet! Slow internet! Great Intern….. Nope, dropped out again! That is the reality here the last 36 hours. Writing what I can offline… and then madly uploading if I see signal. So, I apologise for all the typos, comments ending up in the wrong place and other weird stuff …… I think I have only embarrassed myself once so far :(.  It’ll be a while before I take good internet at a sane time of day for granted again!

Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday: Day 4

tsunami escape sign
Tsunami escape route sign

The overwhelmed, under-spec and oh-so-vulnerable communications network here is the reason why our family is currently in Vanuatu. Hubby, Paul, is developing a cheap, easy to deploy, phone-based technology that will allow villages to maintain their own intra-village text-message services independently of cellular networks. We even hope to connect two neighbouring villages. We are aiming for a system that can provide rudimentary communications when the cellular network is down and where it doesn’t reach. Which is too often and in too many places. Vanuatu tops the natural disaster at risk list for the entire world – being vulnerable to earthquake, hurricane, volcano, and tsunami, with low capacity to prepare and rebuild.

Inspired by the Pandanus Fruit

Pandanus fruit
Unripe fruit on a Pandanus plant in Vanuatu

Yesterday and today we travelled out of Port Vila again to the two small villages where we are doing a pilot study of Paul’s telecommunications system. One of the very noticeable plants along the roadside out of Port Vila are the Pandanus trees, with their big green fruits the size of rockmelons (cantaloupe). Currently the fruits are unripe – they will turn a robust orange when they are edible. I have been told locally that they are good for pregnant women, although I didn’t find out why.

Anyway, it is solely the visual texture of these fruits that has aroused my interest today. I haven’t actually been able to touch one – they are too high up.

How was I inspired by the Pandanus Fruit?

Because the Pandanus Fruit has interesting shapes and textures, I was inspired to try an abstract representation that I could piece and appliqué.  Here is my Pandanus Fruit-inspired art quilt design:

Abstract pandanus quilt design by Clever Chameleon
Abstract pandanus quilt design

I used the colours I can see in my photo. I think the large background space would be good for some FMQ practice. Maybe try out some Vanuatu themed motifs.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!

P.S. If you missed the beginning of my 31 Days of Everyday Quilt Inspiration, you can find it here.

P.P.S. While I have internet, here is a picture of the telecommunications boxes we are installing and testing.

mesh extender on hut, Vanuatu
See the white box with the three antennas on the pole? That is the technology we are testing, installed  on the roof of a house in Vanuatu.

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  1. Your picture of the telecommunications box would also make a great colour inspirations starting point. You mind if I ‘borrow’ it?

    1. You are right! Even with all this thinking about inspiration I hadn’t given that shot a second thought. Of course you may use it for colours. I’d love to know where it takes you. 🙂

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