Everyday Quilt Inspiration: Sentimental Scraps

Sentimental scraps clock31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in Real Life

One thing that most quilters do is save their scraps for another project down the line. But if those scraps aren’t sufficient for another quilt, yet have strong sentimental value, it can be hard to decide to do with them. So what do you do? Move them on? Throw them away? Or make something entirely different with them?

Today, for my 31 Days of Everyday Quilt Inspiration challenge, I want to  share with you the story of a quilted clock, inspired from all sorts of sentimental scraps and inherited notions.

Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday: Day 23

Sentimental scraps and fake flowers

There once was a fabric off-cut amongst my collection that I didn’t want to part with.  It was left over from a project (not actually a quilt) that I did for a friend who now lives overseas and whom I miss very much. I decided that my sewing room needed a clock, and that this special black and white batik should be the background.

There were also a stack of fake flowers left in my mother’s belongings that I couldn’t quite commit to throwing away. I am not a “fake flowers sort of person”, but I know she enjoyed decorating her last residential unit very much. So I pulled the flowers to pieces so I could sew with them.

fake flowers amongst my sentimental scraps
One of the deconstructed tiger lilies from my Mum with a bell centre.

Sentimental trinkets and real flowers from my love

Also among my mother’s things was a brand new wooden frame. It framed a print I know she loved, but it was never destined to hang in my or my siblings’ homes. It never even got to hang in her home – it was still in it’s wrapper. So I pulled that to pieces too.

In my own things I always have ribbon scraps from flowers my hubby buys me. He knows that if he buys me flowers regularly I don’t immediately get suspicious if he suddenly starts. This avoids questions like “What have you done this time?!”. Hahahaha. High IQ has my hubby.

Sentimental scraps quilted clock
I echoed the tiger lily with bobbin work and hand embroidery. I think this is my favourite part asthetically.

Acquired supplies and new techniques

Also among my own things was a very heavy blue thread that I bought secondhand from a class instructor because she was downsizing her thread collection. And I had just learned bobbin work….. So I added a ghost tiger lily to the background.

Sentimental scraps quilted clock
The bright blue button was among my inherited button collections.

More sentimental notions and hoarded items

The bright blue button was languishing in one of the button collections I have inherited along the way. It spoke to me as the new centre for the deconstructed white tiger lily.

There was also a bell among my buttons. It came from one of my previous cats’ collars. My indoors-only cats have no need for bells, so I tend to remove them and stash them away for later. Bit of a magpie, me. 

Sentimental scraps quilted clock
I constructed the clock face with two layers of glass and satin stitched over coloured slivers of fabric to make the numerals and hour marks.

Easing my conscience over unused supplies

Finally, I needed to find a way to mark out the clock face without obscuring the batik fabric that I was trying to honour. In my USOs (un-started objects!!) I (still) have a sample of a fabric called “glass”. It is like an ultra-fine tulle. I bought it to try it in shadow trapunto. That was years ago…. and I only just got around to trying shadow trapunto last month. But not with the glass yet. Anyway, two layers of this, fused over the batik, gave just the right degree of opaqueness. 

I bought the clock parts especially for this project and made the clock face size to match.

purple clever chameleon logo

I agonised how to put all this together for a long time. Shuffled my sentimental scraps and notions around many times. In the end though, I was happy with the result. I know some of my friends think it is a bit odd. But I actually don’t care. This piece is for me. 🙂 They were my sentimental scraps, after all.

See you again tomorrow for another round of Colour Inspiration Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

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