Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Frosty Berries

Frosty Berries color scheme from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday: a free resource of colour combinations to try on your quilts.

Welcome back to Colour Inspiration Tuesday. Here in Adelaide we are well into winter. We haven’t had near enough rain this year, but today is definitely plenty cold, grey and gloomy enough. What better way to warm up the mood and brighten the day a little than to add a little red?!  So, here is the Frosty Berries winter palette with red for warmth and spectacular effect against icy greys. Enjoy!

Frosty Berries color palette by Clever Chameleon

Colour Inspiration Tuesday: Frosty Berries

The “Frosty Berries” colour palette includes four shades of grey, ranging from dark grey to a cold, lightly greyed blue. These are paired with three magnificent shades of berry red.

I can equally imagine this colour palette being used in strongly masculine geometric quits, bold modern quilts and stunning appliqué designs. This colour palette is very versatile for anyone who likes the combination of cool neutrals or black & white with red. Just vary the amount of red versus the grey. I’m sure you can find your perfect ratio!

Here are some quick and diverse ideas using the Frosty Berries colour scheme.

Frosty Berries colour scheme - modern quilt layout example
A modern Frosty Berries quilt layout favouring the greys


Frosty Berries colour scheme - masculine quilt layout example
A masculine Frosty Berries quilt layout favouring the reds
Frosty Berries colour scheme - flower appliqué quilt layout example
An appliqué flowers Frosty Berries quilt layout
Frosty Berries colour scheme - flower appliqué with leaves quilt layout example
And obviously the same, but with leaves in the mid-red colour

Colour Inspiration Tuesday collection 1Not celebrating winter today?

Well, today is pretty exciting because Frosty Berries is the 10th official post in the Clever Chameleon Colour Inspiration Tuesday Series, and the 12th colour scheme to be found among the Clever Chameleon blog posts. So I have put together a post of all the Clever Chameleon colour palettes so far. Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy today! Time to get your imagination on for a new quilt project!


Today’s photo of Frosty Berries is from Unsplash is a collection of free, high resolution, “do what you want with” photos. No credit is demanded, but I love to give credit where credit is due. I am always grateful to people who contribute to open source communities. So I would like you to know that this lovely photo was provided by Maria Mekht via Unsplash. Be sure to check out her collection of photos on Unsplash.
Maria Mekht

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