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Quilted Drum Christmas Tree Ornament – Tutorial and Blog Hop

16 November 2017

This year I challenged myself to join in an Ornament Exchange where each participant had to design an ornament, write a tutorial for it and send it to a blogging partner. It was so much fun. I really love my new creations….. and the ornaments coming my way too!

Colour Inspiration Tuesday – English Broom

14 November 2017

This pretty bush had me fooled…. I had hoped it might be native. But even noxious weeds can come in inspiring colours.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday – Poolside Fun 

7 November 2017

The new colours at our outdoor pool have got me in the mood for a summer picnic!!!

Vanuatu Turtle Quilt Progress for the Splash of Color QAL

6 November 2017

I have finished the tricky design stage of my black, white and red quilt for the Splash of Color QAL. But have I over-engineered it?!

pink and green charity quiltOne Monthly Goal – November 2017

2 November 2017

This month I plan to finish this pretty pink and green charity quilt with my strawberry vines FMQ motif. Find out what else is happening at Clever Chameleon.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday and 31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday

31 October 2017

We made it! 31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday is done! Thanks so much for joining me in this mammoth exercise. Here, at the end of the series we also qualify for another Colour Inspiration Tuesday Collection! Collection number 4.

children's drawingsFinding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday – Children’s Drawings

27 October 2017

Children’s drawings make great inspiration for a quilt. I list a few ways you can use children’s drawings on a quilt. Do you know more?

Splash of Color Quilt Along – Turtle Appliqué designed and cut out

25 October 2017

This project has laid dormant for too long, but it is now time to get it moving again. A progress report on my Vanuatu Turtle quilt.

Colour Inspiration Tuesday – Bougainvillea Surprise

24 October 2017

Sometimes it is the little details in life that can be the most interesting. Today I learned something new about bougainvillea flowers! The 31 Days of Everyday Quilt Inspiration is still on!

Smiley face quilt designFinding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday – Smiley Quilt Design

18 October 2017

Here’s just one of the fun designs that has come out of my 31 Days of Finding Quilt Inspiration in the Everyday.