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She'll be Apples color scheme from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday – She’ll be Apples

16 January 2018

Today we take a look at my latest charity quilt. I decided to cover it with apple motifs. And I have drawn out the apple shapes so you can quilt them too.

Valentine's Heart quilt block from Clever ChameleonFrom the Sewing Room – Valentine’s Heart

15 January 2018

Today I share how I am using my scraps and stash to make a scrappy heart quilt. This post is part of a wider blog hop on stash-busting your craft room, so don’t forget to check out lots of other ideas in the linkup at the end of the post.

Regatta Quilt updateRegatta Quilt Update and Red Bears Galore!

11 January 2018

Do you ever find, the less urgent and less important a quilt project is, the more attractive it is to work on?! That has been my struggle for much of this week. The Regatta Quilt, which is supposed to be my project for weary evenings and small slots of otherwise wasted time, has been calling to me…. “Sew me….

Lovely Leucadendron color scheme from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday – Lovely Leucadendron

9 January 2018

Today’s Colour Inspiration Tuesday mood board and quilt layout is inspired by the leucadendron plant of South Africa. Leucadendrons grow well in Adelaide, being closely related to several families of our own native plants. But I have never seen a leucadendron in these colours before. Simply lovely!

bear with button eyesBeginner’s Tips for the Red Bear of New Beginnings

5 January 2018

If you don’t want to free-motion appliqué the bears from the Beary Colourful BOM, but would rather use a more traditional appliqué method, you may want to consider these options to assist you.

Regatta Quilt ideaJanuary Goals and Regatta Quilt update

3 January 2018

For my OMG this month I am nominating my first charity quilt of the year. And I give you an update on my intentions for the Regatta Quilt sew along.

News Flash!!!! Incoming Island Batik Ambassador!

3 January 2018

I am going to be an Island Batik Ambassador for 2018! Super duper excited!!!! The Clever Chameleon is very very happy to be going to play with the gecko and have access to some of the best and brightest new batik fabrics on offer this year!

How to make the Red Bear Block from the Beary Colourful BOM

2 January 2018

Today we look in detail at how I constructed the Red Bear block, with lots of tips on how to make your own.

The Beary Colourful BOM has started – Meet the Red Bear of New Beginnings

1 January 2018

A new year.! New goals. And the first episode in two intertwined projects that will run all year. The 2018 Monthly Color Challenge and the Beary Colourful quilt BOM. And today is the day that you finally get to meet the Beary Colourful Red Bear and download the free appliqué pattern. Happy New Year!

Clever Chameleon bannerThe Five Best of 2017

30 December 2017

For me, 2017 was the Year of the Steep Learning Curve. This year I had the privilege of adding a HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen to my sewing room and starting a quilt blog. Both events have had their moments, but overall the journey this year has been marvellous! Join me for one last post in 2017 – a look back at the Best of Clever Chameleon 2017 and a brief look forward to what lies ahead.

Vanuatu Turtle QuiltDecember Roundup and Vanuatu Turtle Quilt Finish

27 December 2017

100 blog posts on Clever Chameleon today! This milestone comes with a quilt finish – the final finishing touches on the Vanuatu Turtle Quilt and a look back at the action in December.

Red color scheme from Clever ChameleonColour Inspiration Tuesday – January is Red

26 December 2017

It’s time to start looking forward to the New Year and all the hopes and dreams that 2018 holds. The first “big ticket item” on my 2018 list is the Monthly Color Challenge, and January is red. So let’s get in the mood for Red with the last Colour Inspiration Tuesday of 2017.

hibiscusFrom the Sewing Room: – Water and Hibiscus FMQ Design

22 December 2017

I have decided to try quilting hibiscuses on my Vanuatu Turtle Quilt and have drawn up a quick mini tutorial on one way to FMQ these flowers.