UFO Attack February 2018

February goal

My One Monthly Goal for February with Elm Street Quilts

The rest of February is looking super at Clever Chameleon. I have so many fun projects to work on that I might even manage not to go chasing too many quilted squirrels this month. Here’s some of the things that will be holding my focus:

  • we will have another, closer look at the 70273 Project and what I am doing to contribute. This will be a scrap/destash project.
  • yellow fabricsYellow Bears are all the rage in my sewing room at the moment for the Beary Colourful BOM in March. I don’t work with pure yellow or green yellow as a general rule. So I don’t really have a yellow stash suitable for March. So – I justified a few small purchases for this project 🙂 Yay!
  • The Regatta Quilt is coming along nicely, I finished the backing last night. I would like to have it pinned ready for quilting by the end of the month, but I’m not setting this as my one monthly goal, as it matters little whether this happens just yet. No pressure remember! Quilt back made of batik strips
quilt attacked by cat
I had a little help with the quilt as I was checking the backing for size against the Regatta quilt top…… Thank you kitty!

Island Batik Ambassador News

  • There are two projects coming up for the Island Batiks Ambassadors this month. Have you heard of Galentine’s Day? No?!! I hadn’t either. I think it is a Parks and Recreation show fan-cult-following thing that is seeping into mainstream American culture.  I’m not sure – are American ladies embracing this new unofficial celebration on Feb 13?. Perhaps if you know more about this day and how popular it is or isn’t, you can comment and let this poor Aussie know all about it. Please?! Anyway,  I have something a little bit tongue-in-cheek planned for you on this theme mid-month.
  • Island Batik logoThe second project from the Island Batik Ambassadors in February is called “Mini Love”. All the Ambassadors will be sharing a mini quilt of their choice featuring Island Batik batiks with you during February. I’m looking forward to this and the  Galantine’s Day project to kick of the Island Batik Ambassador year.

But on top of these major projects I have something else I need to conquer. It’s not a big thing. Which is why months keep going by without any progress on it. Important but not urgent, you know? So let’s make it “urgent” as well as important, shall we?

Do you remember when I said that one of my UFOs only needs the binding finished on it? And that this wasn’t worthy of a monthly goal? Well, of course it still hasn’t happened. And I have several other quilts that have needed labels added for a very long time.

So, my One Monthly Goal for February is…….

a job lot, so to speak. I am going to finish the little niggly jobs on a bunch of quilts. I will finish the binding on a child’s space-themed quilt. And label it. And I will label 3 other quilts, and pre-make the label for my daughter’s Regatta Quilt. Because, If I am going to make labels, it is far less mental effort to do them all at once than organise them one at a time. So one binding, and 5 labels. That is my February OMG for Elm Street Quilts.

Pile of quilts
My ever-growing pile of quilts that need a small amount of work done on!

Come set your own One Monthly Goal

blue clever chameleon logo

I am adding my link to Elm Street Quilts today. Come join us and get some extra incentive to knock of those quilty jobs that never quite make it to the top of your list. There are prizes……. 🙂

P.S. Have you checked out all the new blog posts on the blue stop of the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge Hop List yet? Lots of people like blue…. so I am hoping the Color Challenge will be even bigger and better this month.

The winner of last month’s Color Challenge draw for linking up a red project was mckngbrdlee who posted via instagram. Congratulations!

I’ll leave you with a few more reader’s Red Bears from January, and the first guest Blue Bear to appear on my facebook page for February (yup, Kim was done and posted within 2 days of getting the pattern!).

Aren’t these bears all marvellous?

Joyelene's Red bears
Joyelene’s pair of Red bears. One is hand appliquéd, the other is machine appliquéd
Ria's Red Bear
Ria’s Red Bear shared on facebook. Ria is making her bears for charity.
Kim's Blue Bear
And Kim’s Blue Bear. Super fast and super cute. What a star!

If you have bears, I’m sorry, there is no cure, but you can share them via email: dione @ cleverchameleon dot com dot au
or Instagram: @CleverChameleon
or on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CleverChameleon.com.au/

Hope I’ll be seeing yours soon!

9 Replies to “UFO Attack February 2018”

  1. Love that Regatta quilt, the backing and the kitty helper!! Your bears (and others’) are so adorable. I’m getting excited and a bit anxious I’ll admit, about our projects for February’s Island Batik challenges!

  2. Getting a bunch of little things done is a great goal. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  3. Love this post! I knocked off a bunch of labels and binding finishes in early Jan. Why do we set some things aside, sometimes for a long time? Both the phd2018 and omg projects are my beasties this year – I will conquer some of the backlog! I really like the Regatta quilt and have it on my long list of new ideas. @susansquiltstudio

  4. You will have a lot of finishes when you get those tasks done, AND it will feel good, too. When you have so many seams in the top and so many seams in the backing, does that make it hard to quilt?

    1. The seams shouldn’t be too bad for quilting. I have the luxury of owning a sweet sixteen, so I haven’t had trouble in the past with quilts with many more seams. I actually want to do this one on my domestic with side-to-side wavy walking foot quilting, but my daughter has other ideas. If I did the wavy quilting I can avoid crossing the seams too often. I think using batiks is also an advantage. They are finer and the seam allowance seem to just disappear into the batting compared to other quilting cottons.

  5. The reds together are great, and a blue boy already, wow!!We will be away for a few weeks for our younger daughter’s first wedding. First for her man as well. ( I am 77 so that gives you some idea of her age) So I will no doubt shop for some yellows while I have a chance to visit new fabric shops.I will have my laptop with me, so can keep up with all the news.

  6. Love your quilt and the backing is going to be as neat at the front! Can’t wait to see it finished. Love your bear blocks and we are going to have so much fun with our Island Batik projects!

  7. Great February goals! I would be interested in a post about your labels. I sometimes print on fabric backed with freezer paper. I have used the printable fabric, but it seems heavy and coarse to me. I am always interested in what others do.

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